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This fall, Democrats will no doubt resurrect the "war on women" theme to try to hold the Senate. But they don't really care about all women, just the unmarried ones. The IBD/TIPP poll shows why.

According to the Washington Post, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is building a huge computer database that will let it predict women's marital status.

That way they can "pinpoint unmarried women as the target of specific, poll-test messages," according to one source quoted in the story.

Despite all the talk among Democrats and the media about the "gender gap" that has supposedly resulted from what they say are Republicans' anti-women policies, the real gap is between married and single women.

IBD/TIPP's monthly survey finds that, on issue after issue, single women are more liberal than their married counterparts — often by wide margins.

Single women are more content with the current state of affairs, more approving of Obama and far more likely to support his big-government policies.

Some examples:

Direction of the country. While 57% of single women are satisfied with the direction of the country, just 32% of married women are. When asked about morals and ethics, the results are very much the same. And on each of these questions, the view of single women tracks those of self-identified liberals.

Economy. Single women are far more upbeat about the economy as well. More than half (51%) think the economy is improving, and 50% don't think the country is in a recession right now. Among married women, those results are 39% and 41%, respectively. These answers, too, track the liberal/conservative split. (Oddly, single women are also far more likely to say that someone in their household is unemployed — 27% vs. 17%.)

Obama. More than half of single women (55%) approve of the job President Obama is doing, compared with just 31% of married women. (His overall approval rate is 40%.) There are similar divides when it comes to grading Obama's leadership and his handling of the economy, the budget and job creation.

ObamaCare. Fully 58% of married women think ObamaCare is a bad product, compared with just 39% of those who are unmarried, and 60% of married women want the law repealed, a figure that's far above the overall national average and twice as high as for single women.

Minimum wage. When told about the Congressional Budget Office finding that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 could cost half a million jobs, support plunges to 38% among married women but holds strong at 60% among single women.

Taxes. Single women are more supportive of tax hikes on the wealthy. Nearly two thirds, for example, agreed with Obama that the Bush tax cuts on those making more than $250,000 shouldn't be extended. Less than half of married women did. And while 60% of married women thought Obama would raise their income taxes, only 39% of single women did.

Big government. Married women are also far more skeptical of big government — 73%, for example, say it's not the government's role to redistribute wealth, compared with just over half of single women.

However, women generally do agree on one thing that could spell trouble for Republicans in 2016.

When asked about Hillary Clinton, both camps overwhelmingly have a favorable opinion of her; they think she is trustworthy and has enough experience to be president. Both camps also say that "(a) woman president is long overdue."

Obama clearly understands this marriage gap — single women voted overwhelmingly for him in 2012, while married women favored Romney.

Which is no doubt why his administration has been fixated on issues like free contraception, pay equity and the minimum wage, all of which have little relevance to families who are more interested in job opportunities, economic growth and taxes.

But no matter how much Democrats try to distract single women with their micro-targeted "war on women" messaging, the real harm being done to all women, single or otherwise, is the lousy economy, the stagnant job market and the declining family incomes that Obama's big-government policies have produced.

The sooner single women come to understand this, the better everyone will be.

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