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Elections: Democratic politicians consider photo ID requirements discriminatory, but the people disagree. There's broad support for preventing illegal voting, a reflection of how precious Americans hold the right to vote.

Through our history Americans have defended and died for the right to vote. Daniel Webster called voting "a social duty of as solemn a nature as man can be called to perform."

So it should be no surprise to find that across virtually every grouping, the IBD/TIPP Poll found majority support for making sure that only those eligible to vote should do so. Of 912 adults surveyed nationwide during the first week of June, 67% believed voters should be "required to show a state-issued photo ID at the polls before being allowed to cast a ballot."

Only 28% thought they should not be required, while 4% were unsure.

Among Democrats the breakdown was 49% to 45% in favor of the ID requirement, with 6% not sure. Republicans were heavily in favor of voter ID, by 90% to 8%, with 2% uncertain.

Independents also came in strongly in support, 69% of whom favored checking IDs, with 27% opposed and 4% unsure.

Those describing themselves as conservatives were 85% to 12% in favor, with 2% not sure. Moderates leaned toward the ID check by 63% to 32%, with 4% uncertain. Self-described liberals, on the other hand, were against a photo ID rule 57% to 35%, with 8% not sure.

Like liberals, blacks were opposed to voter ID, by a margin of 58% to 39%, with 3% uncertain. Americans of color, of course, were for decades the victims of abuses in voter eligibility procedures.

But liberals and blacks were the only two categories found to oppose the requirements. Most significantly of all the results, Hispanics were found to be 75% to 23% in favor of voter ID, with 2% unsure.

Single women were in favor by 58% to 35%, with 7% unable to make up their minds; married women were 69% to 26% for the requirements, with 4% not sure.

Strong support for voter ID spanned every income group, with 67% of those earning under $30,000 in favor and 66% of those making $75,000 or more also in favor. Education levels also made little difference: 69% of those with only a high school education favored the requirements, with 71% of those with some college also in favor, and 65% of those with graduate degrees in support too.

City dwellers were 59% for voter ID, while those in suburban and rural regions were about 70% in favor. Northeasterners were 61% in favor, while Westerners were 74% in support.

Midwesterners and Southerners came in at 63% and 69% in support, respectively.

The message is loud and clear:

Far from being racist or anti-immigrant, significant majorities of Americans across most demographic lines consider modern voter ID requirements to be a protection of this country's one-man-one-vote rule of the people, an assurance that the ineligible do not exercise a right to which they are not entitled.


{jb_greenbox}Q:  In your opinion should voters be required or not required to show a state-issued photo ID at the polls before being allowed to cast a ballot?{/jb_greenbox}

67% Required
28% Not Required
4%  Not sure
0%  Refused

{jb_bluebox}The Poll was conducted from June 1 (Friday) to June 8 (Friday), Sample Size: 912 adults 18+ nationwide, Margin of error - plus/minus 3.3 percentage points.{/jb_bluebox}
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