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At 2012 Academy Awards, 'The Help' appeals across party lines

Sometimes Republicans and Democrats have different film tastes. Last year, it was "True Grit" vs. "The King's Speech." But this year, Americans across party lines are enjoying "The Help," the film about African-American maids during the civil rights era, a Christian Science Monitor/TIPP poll shows.

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Occupy Wall Street Won't Be Dems' Tea Party In 2012

Many Democrats hope to reap a ballot box benefit in 2012 from the Occupy Wall Street protests. But so far there is little sign that OWS will become an organized force for impacting elections.

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Tea Party Vs. Occupy Wall St.: Who Wins? Neither

Both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements claim to speak for the disaffected public, but new data show the public doesn't think much of either one.

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