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Less than two months from its official launch date, ObamaCare has never been more unpopular with the public, according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll.

Fully half those polled now want ObamaCare repealed, the August poll found, up from 44% two years ago.

In fact, 51% of those in all age groups want ObamaCare repealed, except for people 65 and older (only 47% of this age group supports repeal).

Support for ObamaCare has softened among Democrats, too — 18% want the law overturned, up from 14% in June 2011.

But independents have especially soured on ObamaCare. Some 51% of independents say they want ObamaCare repealed, up from 43% in July 2011.

These findings come after broad efforts on the part of the administration and its backers to promote the benefits of ObamaCare before the law's insurance exchanges open on Oct. 1.

That promotional campaign has been hobbled by news of premium hikes in the exchanges, the delay of the employer mandate, and mounting criticism of the law by unions who previously supported it.

The IBD/TIPP poll also found the public has little interest in half-measures to deal with ObamaCare. Only 43% support a delay of the individual mandate, while 43% oppose the idea.

At the same time, 45% oppose an effort by conservative Republicans to block funds to implement ObamaCare, compared with 42% who back this idea. A quarter of Republicans surveyed oppose this defunding effort.

The chances that efforts to stop or delay ObamaCare would succeed in the near term are remote. House Republicans have passed several repeal bills, and recently passed a bill to delay the individual mandate, only to see the Senate block them. And even if such bills make it to Obama's desk, he vows to veto them.

Meanwhile, the push to defund ObamaCare has sparked fierce attacks from others in the GOP, who worry that a fight over ObamaCare funding would result in a government shutdown, which they think will hurt the party in the 2014 elections.

Other findings in the August IBD/TIPP poll:

Economic doldrums continue: More than four years since the economic recovery started, 56% of the public still thinks the country is in a recession. Half say the economy is not improving. And 24% say someone in their household is looking for a full-time job.

Wrong direction: Nearly two-thirds (62%) say they're not satisfied with the country's direction, while 61% are dissatisfied with Washington's economic policies.

Low Obama ratings: More than half (51%) disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president. Only 34% say he's doing a good job handling the economy. Just 29% say he's providing strong leadership for the country.

No Detroit bailout: Just 28% say they would support a federal bailout of Detroit, which has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Even among Democrats, support for a bailout is weak — only 40% approve.

Race relations: The public is more or less evenly split on whether race relations have improved under Obama. While 21% say it's easier to talk about race relations since he was elected, 26% say it's harder. And 49% of all those surveyed and 71% of blacks say Obama's election has made no difference at all.

Immigration reform: A 54% majority said they preferred a "comprehensive" immigration reform in which both border security and citizenship were addressed. The poll found 39% said they support securing the border first before dealing with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the U.S.

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