In December, Democratic Party head Debbie Wasserman Schultz promised all of her party's candidates would run on ObamaCare this November. Lately, it looks as if she should have said "run from" ObamaCare.


A recent ObamaCare attack ad bemoans the "disastrous health care website" and the administration's "stunning ineptitude." But he ad was sponsored by the Democratic House Majority PAC on behalf of embattled Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz.

Is this what Congressman Schultz meant by running on ObamaCare?

Meanwhile, 33 Democrats in the House signed onto a Republican bill Thursday that would require the administration to provide weekly updates on enrollments through the website — despite strong opposition from the White House.

The week before, 67 Democrats voted for a GOP bill that would require federal officials to report security breaches at the government's exchange.

And back in November, 39 Democrats — including Kirkpatrick — joined Rep. Fred Upton's bill to let people keep their existing health plans, even though the White House said it would gut ObamaCare.

Democrats should be running scared. Polls show weakening support for ObamaCare, particularly among independents, who now overwhelmingly oppose the law, according to January's IBD/TIPP poll. Even Democrats are turning on ObamaCare, with 20% now opposed to it — almost double September's level.

And as we pointed out in this space before, ObamaCare's problems are likely to get worse this year, not better, as millions who get insurance at work find their policies canceled or their premiums skyrocketing once employers have to comply with ObamaCare's mandate.

There's also the coming wave of stories about companies cutting hours and eliminating jobs to minimize the huge ObamaCare hit.

Plus, Democrats will have to cope with the fact that too few people, and far too few young people, signed up for ObamaCare's "good product" this year, making an industry bailout next year all the more likely.

Already, a blizzard of ObamaCare attack ads fills the airwaves from independent groups targeting vulnerable House and Senate Democrats.

Democrats can run on or away from ObamaCare. Either way, ObamaCare will likely run over many of them this fall.

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