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9 Biggest Losers Of The GOP's Epic 2014 Midterm Win

The Republican Party was obviously the big winner on Tuesday. But the midterm elections also produced some notable losers, chief among them the president and his big-government policies.

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How Election 2014 could create a Charlie Brown Congress

If Republicans win control of the Senate on Nov. 4 – and thus gain full control of Congress – it just might be that more gets done in Washington, rather than less, that dysfunction sputters into some semblance of function, and that Republicans and President Obama cooperate a bit more with each other.

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O-No: Voters More Apt To Oppose Obama Backers By 2-1

Voters heading to the polls next week are increasingly downbeat about the direction of the country and the economy, are concerned about Ebola and largely oppose President Obama's plans on immigration, the latest IBD/TIPP poll finds.

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Democrats Face Trouble In Red And Blue States: Poll

The latest IBD/TIPP poll points to big trouble for Democrats in the November midterm elections, as support for President Obama hits record lows, and as voters in so-called red states — home to several competitive Senate races — are more downbeat about the economy, ObamaCare, and Obama's performance.

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Republicans Are In Danger Of Losing Their Tea Party Mojo

Republicans look ready to throw in the towel on shrinking the nation's gargantuan debt. With 10 months to go before midterm elections, it's yet another slap in the face to the GOP's most enthusiastic supporters.

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Dems Are the Out-of-Touch Extremists

We keep hearing about how the Republican Party is full of radical Tea Party crazies. But our latest IBD/TIPP Poll shows that it's Democrats who are out of touch with reality and well outside the mainstream.

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"The Help" Tops Oscar List

Across the board, Americans favor "The Help" as the best picture of the year.

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