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Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang said he is sure he can prevail over polling frontrunner Joe Biden, declaring that a vote for the former vice president is a regressive step back in time.

Yang, speaking with CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason in an interview set to air Thursday, said his support among President Donald Trump voters makes him the most viable candidate in the Democratic field. Mason noted that the primary characteristic Democratic voters want out of their party's 2020 presidential candidate is someone who can defeat Trump. Despite Biden remaining atop most polls, Yang said the former vice president's obsession with returning to the Obama presidency would "literally" be a step in the wrong direction.

"Polls show that most Democratic voters, and Democratic-leaning independents – two thirds – the main thing they want in a candidate is someone who can beat Donald Trump," CBS host Mason told Yang, noting just prior that the businessman polls between about 2 to 4 percent nationwide.

"Yep. I'm one of only two candidates in the field that 10 percent or more of Donald Trump voters say that they would support," Yang said, touting his bipartisan support.

"It's because I'm focused on solving the problems that they see around them every day. And I'm laser-focused on trying to make their lives better. That's why I'm getting thousands of Trump voters as well as Independents and Libertarians and Democrats and progressives. If I'm the Democratic nominee, we win. That's the math."

"But that's Joe Biden's argument, too," Mason said, prompting Yang to shoot back, "Oh, that's one reason why he's leading in the polls, and that's one reason you'll see me leading in the polls before too long."

This month's IBD/TIPP Poll, which conservative outlets including The Drudge Report noted was the most accurate predictor in the 2016 election, showed Biden far ahead of his Democratic challengers and Trump. In a head-to-head matchup, Biden leads the president by 12 percentage points while Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was the second strongest contender, placing about 3 points ahead of Trump.

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