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Since former vice president Joe Biden declared his candidacy for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination on April 25 of this year, 19 public polls pitting Biden directly against Donald Trump in a one-on-one matchup have been released. With the latest such poll released on Tuesday, according to The Hill, Biden continued his undefeated streak against the president, this time battering Trump with a 12-percentage-point margin of victory.

The new poll released by Investor’s Business Daily and the TIPP polling agency shows Biden with a nationwide lead of 12 percentage points over Trump, taking 54 percent support in the poll to just 42 for Trump. The poll shows no statistically significant changes in the general election contest between Biden and Trump since the previous IBD/TIPP poll released about one month ago. In that poll, Biden also registered 54 percent, while Trump held 41 percent.

The new poll not only continues Biden’s unbeaten record in polls against Trump but leaves him with a sizable, 9.4-point advantage in the average of all Biden vs. Trump polls, compiled by the political data site RealClearPolitics.

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