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Pundits’ predictions of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s political demise, so frequently heard over the past year, have proved not only premature but dead wrong. Prognosticators declared her presidential candidacy dead on arrival even before her introductory campaign video intended to explain her Native American ancestry was widely panned as the political equivalent of the Hindenburg disaster. Warren has been belittled as Hillary Clinton-Redux, a shrill — read: female — Ivy League liberal certain to trigger the same misogyny that made Clinton Kryptonite to too many Americans. Her soak-the-rich policies have been derided as the worst of both worlds — not socialist enough to dislodge Sen. Bernie Sanders’ lock on the left-most quadrant of the Democratic party but too threatening to moderate Democrats to gain traction in the party’s middle.

But five months before the Democratic nominating contests begin in Iowa next February, Warren is the Democratic candidate with momentum. She has raised massive amounts of campaign money, and her fundraising trajectory is decidedly upward: $6 million in contributions in the first quarter of 2019 grew to over $19 million in the second, more than Sanders. Warren’s second quarter haul was delivered by a whopping 384,000 individuals. Her surging poll numbers both nationally and in key states and the eye-popping crowds she has been drawing all but guarantee that her fundraising performance in the third quarter is going to be more impressive still.

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