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It's widely acknowledged that, when facing the heat, President Donald Trump plays to his base — mostly on Twitter, where, as the impeachment inquiry has gained steam, he has referred to the House intelligence committee as "a totally compromised kangaroo court," suggested impeaching its chairman (who he decided to refer to as "Liddle") as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, though the House expels but does not impeach members and, after mocking the intelligence of NBC News' Chuck Todd, reiterated "I did NOTHING wrong."

But it's as widely acknowledged that it's not just his base that he has to bring back to the polls in 2020: It's centrist voters — 43 percent of whom voted for him in 2016, while 42 percent voted for Hillary Clinton, according to a Pew Research survey, but who elected Democrats in the 2018 midterms. And the support for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office is picking up public support especially among that key demographic of voters. A new CNN poll shows that among independents, support for impeachment has risen to 46 percent. (Notably, support for impeachment rose to 14 percent even among Republicans.)

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