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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a tie, the new IBD/TIPP Poll finds. Joe Biden had led in every IBD/TIPP 2020 presidential election poll back to August, including a 6-point edge in early April.

Meanwhile, President Trump's job approval held its coronavirus crisis bounce. An even 44% approve and disapprove of Trump's performance. Americans strongly approve of his handling of the economy and narrowly back his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. However, a majority of Americans say the Trump administration's early efforts to combat the coronavirus were ineffective.

President Trump And Joe Biden In Dead Heat

President Trump and Biden are tied, with both getting 43% of registered voters in the May IBD/TIPP Poll. Joe Biden led 47%-41% in early April polling of the 2020 election battle.

Trump's 9-point deficit among independents (30%-39%) in the April IBD/TIPP Poll turned into the narrowest of leads (36%-35%). Another 10% of independents say they'll support another candidate, while 16% are undecided.

Biden's support among Democrats faded to 83% in the May IBD/TIPP Poll from 89%. Trump saw his Democratic support double to 12% from 6%.

Self-described investors now back Trump 48%-43%, after his lead among the group had narrowed to one point (46%-45%) in the prior poll. It probably didn't hurt that the Dow Jones just posted its best month since 1987, recovering from the coronavirus stock market crash.

The tie with Biden in a national 2020 election poll is especially good news for Trump, since he is expected to outperform his national polling in battleground states, as he did in 2016.

Trump Job Approval Keeps Coronavirus Bounce

For a second straight month, Trump's approval rating equaled his disapproval rating, as both measures dipped by one point to 44%. Trump has likely benefited from a "rally around the flag" effect, when politicians find common cause and work together in moments of national crisis.

Trump's disapproval rating has fallen more than his approval has climbed. In late January, before the coronavirus crisis began to spiral in the U.S., Trump's job approval registered 44% and disapproval 51%.

In the May IBD/TIPP Poll, independents narrowly disapproved of Trump's performance as president, 44%-42%.

President Trump's handling of the economy remains a big asset, even as 27.9 million people have filed for unemployment benefits over the past six weeks. Trump gets 50% approval and 28% disapproval for his handling of the economy in the May IBD/TIPP Poll.

Trump's Coronavirus Crisis Stewardship

President Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis is much more mixed: 41% give him positive marks and 39% negative. Independents are slightly more negative than positive, with 39% disapproval to 37% approval.

Trump's early efforts to combat the coronavirus are viewed in a more negative light. Just 42% of Americans see them as effective, while 52% rate them as ineffective. Just 39% of independents see the Trump administrations early coronavirus actions as effective, and 56% ineffective.

Separately, the IBD/TIPP Poll finds that more Americans think states should wait to reopen for business.

The May IBD/TIPP Poll reflects an online survey of 1,225 adults from April 26 to April 29. The Trump-Biden 2020 presidential election poll reflects a subset of 948 registered voters. TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence President Raghavan Mayur notes, "Panel samples are convenience samples and are not probability samples and hence the concept of margin of error does not apply. For guidance, a probability sample of similar size would have a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percentage points at the 95% confidence level."

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