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Barack Obama entered the White House with a thicker coat of political polytetrafluoroethylene than any American leader in history. But new polls suggest that, among the public at least, the Teflon has worn off.

In a shocking finding — one sure to be pooh-poohed by the mainstream media — the Quinnipiac Poll released this week found that Obama is now the least popular chief executive since FDR.

Of those surveyed, 33% called him the worst president of the last 70 years, with George W. Bush now second at 28%, Richard Nixon third and the woeful Jimmy Carter fourth. Even worse for Obama, 45% said the country would be better off if Mitt Romney had won in 2012.

Our own IBD/TIPP Poll has further bad news — overwhelmingly blaming Obama for the border crisis, the growing civil war in Iraq and the IRS scandal.

This administration's mind-numbing ineptitude in foreign policy — whether in the abortive "Arab Spring," the failed Russian reset, the frayed ties with old allies such as Britain, Japan and Germany, the inability to halt Iran's nuke program, the encouragement of Chinese expansionism, or the inexcusable failure to approve Canada's Keystone Pipeline and its thousands of high-paying jobs — is also having an impact.

As a result of this incompetence, the IBD/TIPP Poll shows just 35.3% now give Obama credit for improving America's standing in the world — down from 66.1% when he was sworn in.

Obama's — and, by extension, the Democratic Party's — nightmare doesn't end there, however.

A new Zogby Analytics poll has Obama's approval rating plunging three points to 44%, while his disapproval rating has jumped four points to 54.

Gallup indicates just 71% of Americans are "satisfied" with their freedom, down from 91% in 2006 — a disastrous sign of a leadership meltdown in a nation that still calls itself "the Land of the Free."

A separate Gallup poll finds 79% of U.S. residents now feel corruption is "widespread" across government, up alarmingly from 59% just eight years ago.

In sum, these polls reveal a crisis of faith in Obama's government — starting at the very top.

No wonder some Democrats in Congress and even members of the Obama-besotted media are walking away from this failed presidency. It is in deep trouble, and so is its agenda. The stench of failure has set in, and it will be hard to get off.

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