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Our latest poll suggests that far from healing America's racial wounds, the first black president has reopened them. Obama the uniter is actually the great divider.

By an almost 3-1 margin, Americans say race relations have worsened under the man who was supposed to usher in a golden era of "post-racial" relations.

Six years after electing the nation's first black president, a stunning 46% in the new IBD/TIPP Poll draw that conclusion compared to 18% who don't. Nearly one in four believe race relations have gotten "much worse" under President Obama, while 35% say they've stayed the same.

The results corroborate a long-running poll on racial attitudes conducted by Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies since 1994. It records the steepest decline in positive views occurring over the last three years.

Who can blame Americans for thinking the nation is more divided along racial lines?

When our poll was taken in late October, respondents heard news that authorities in St. Louis are bracing for more senseless riots. Black street agitators bussed in from Chicago are spoiling for a race war, egged on by an attorney general who's tried to convince African-Americans that white cops like Darren Wilson are gunning for them, despite forensic and other evidence refuting such garbage.

These polls also reflect campaign attack ads showing Obama-yoked Democrats resorting to shameless race-baiting in the final days of a congressional election that promises to repudiate them and their party leader.

Obama, the son of an African father and white mother, was supposed to put race behind us. He was supposed to bring whites and blacks together. Instead, he has fanned the flames of racial discord, even coordinating with the worst hustlers in the racial grievance industry.

A White House aide explained to the Washington Post how it is that Al Sharpton became Obama's go-to guy on race: "There's a trust factor with The Rev from the Oval Office on down. He gets it."

What Sharpton "gets" apparently is what no misty-eyed white who voted for Obama gets — that this president, like Sharpton, sees everything through the lens of race. And he injects race into virtually every issue.

With zero proof, he and his minions have accused bankers of racism just because some blacks with shaky credit don't get the loans they want. They've also charged employers with discriminating against African-American job applicants who fail criminal background checks.

They've even accused teachers and administrators — some of the most liberal people in the country — of racial bias in punishing black students who act out in school.

Now they're going after suburban county and other local officials for enforcing "exclusionary" zoning rules and building codes that "segregate" minorities in cities.

This is noxious stuff. Even the Washington Post worried that "Obama's vision of a post-racial America looks even further away."

Only, he never had such a vision. His racist preacher gave that away long ago. So did the Alinsky agitators he ran with in South Side Chicago, as well as his first memoir, a chronicle of racial bitterness.

Polls show the public is finally seeing through the fraud.

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