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President Trump's popularity edged up in April, with 38% now saying they approve of the job he's doing as president, up from 37% last month, as the share of households reporting someone being unemployed sharply drops.

The poll found that 56% say they disapprove of the job Trump is doing, which is 2 points lower than last month. Trump's net favorability improved by two points, although it is still in negative territory at -17 with (38% favorable vs 55% unfavorable).

Trump's approval in the IBD/TIPP poll remains below the Real Clear Politics average of 42.1%. The latest Rasmussen poll shows 50% supporting Trump, the highest rating he's received in any poll since February 2017.

There remains a huge partisan split on Trump's approval rating in the IBD/TIPP poll, with only 4% of Democrats approving of Trump's job performance, and 84% of Republicans approving. Among independents, Trump gets a 34% approval rating.

Regionally, Trump does best in rural areas (50% approval) and worst in urban areas (31% approval). Demographically, his approval is strongest among those between ages 45 and 64 (46% approval) and weakest among those 18-24 (just 17% approval).  Trump does far better among men (46%) than women (30%).

Meanwhile, the IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index climbed to 41.2, a 3.3% gain over last month and the fifth highest reading since Trump took office. The exclusive Presidential Leadership Index combines results from questions about the president's leadership, favorability and job approval.

The poll found that 36% say Trump is providing strong leadership for the country, while 49% say it is weak. That's an improvement over last month, when the numbers were 35% and 51%, respectively.

As with previous surveys, Trump scores better when asked about his performance on handling the economy and the threat of terrorism — with 41% giving him high marks for each — than he does overall. Just 36% give him an "excellent" or "good" score on his overall performance.

IBD/TIPP conducted the poll from March 22 to March 29. It includes responses from 902 people, giving it a margin of error of +/-3.3 percentage points. Toplines for the April IBD/TIPP poll are available here.

Employment Picture Brightens

The economy's impact on jobs was evident in the latest poll. Just 11.8% of those polled said that one or more people in their households were currently unemployed. That's down sharply from 15.5% last month and is well below the 21.1% average for the past eight years.

IBD/TIPP also asks about concerns over being laid off, which, combined with the unemployed number, produces a job sensitive household measure. In April, this was 23%, which marks the fifth consecutive monthly decline.

For perspective, the percentage of job sensitive households averaged 37% over the past eight years.

The official unemployment rate was 4.1% at the end of February. It's broader measure of unemployment — which includes those marginally attached to the workforce and working part time for economic reasons — stands at 8.2%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release employment data for March at the end of this week.

Other Measures Drop

While Trump's approval climbed, other indicators of the public's mood showed declines in April, including IBD/TIPP indexes measuring the public's views on their quality of life (down 3.9%), the country's standing in the world (down 2.6%) and direction of the country (down 2.8%).

The Financial Stress Index climbed 2.9% over the March reading, which was an all-time low for this index.

Other Poll Findings

  •  17% say the country is in a recession, unchanged from last month.
  • 54% say the economy is improving, down slightly from last month's 56%.
  • Only 27% are satisfied with the direction of the country when it comes to morals and ethics.

Methodology: The April IBD/TIPP Poll was conducted March 22-29. It includes responses from 902 people nationwide, who were asked questions by live interviewers on phones. The poll's margin of error is +/-3.3 percentage points.

The IBD/TIPP Poll has been credited as being the most accurate poll in the past four presidential elections, and was one of only two that correctly predicted the outcome of the November presidential election.

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