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TIPP Thoughts: Lockdowns vs. the Economy

Lockdowns vs. the Economy

As the United States sees its highest COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, in the latest IBD/TIPP poll, more Americans favor lockdowns even at the economy's cost.

By the Numbers

  • 59% favor measures to limit the spread of the virus, even if it worsens the economy.
  • 30% prefer keeping the economy open even if it worsens the pandemic.

Under the Hood
The poll shows that the toll on jobs and mental health is significant.

  • 38% reported they had lost jobs or had hours reduced.
  • 62% are struggling to make the monthly car, mortgage/rent payments.
  • 63% said pandemic has a negative impact on their mental health
  • A third feels comfortable traveling via commercial planes.

Questions Covered

1) Which of the following is closest to your point of view?

30% You favor opening up the economy even if it worsens the coronavirus situation
59% You favor measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus even if it worsens the economy
11% Not sure


2) Have you lost your job or seen your work hours reduced as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak?

15% Yes, Lost your job
23% Yes, Work hours have been reduced
59% No
1% Prefer not to answer

62% Concerned
34% Not concerned


3) How concerned are you about keeping up with living expenses, such as car payments or rent, as a result of the Coronavirus situation?

33% Very concerned
29% Somewhat concerned
16% Not very concerned
18% Not at all concerned
3% Not sure
1% Prefer not to answer

62% Concerned
34% Not concerned


4) Generally speaking, what is the impact of the pandemic on your mental health?

19% Very Negative
44% Somewhat Negative
33% No Impact
4% Not Sure

63% Negative


5) How comfortable do you feel about travel by commercial airlines in the next six months?

15% Comfortable
22% Somewhat comfortable
21% Not very
37% Not at all
5% Not Sure

37% Comfortable
58% Not comfortable


About the Poll

TechnoMetrica conducted the TIPP Poll using an online survey from December 1 to December 3.  The nationwide study had a sample of 1,209 Americans, 18 or older. TechnoMetrica's network of panel partners provided the study sample.  Upon the study completion, TechnoMetrica weighted the study dataset by gender, age, race, education, geographical region, and party to mirror known benchmarks such as the U.S. Census.  The credibility interval (CI) for the survey is +/- 3.2 percentage points, meaning the study is accurate to within ± 3.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, had all Americans been surveyed. Subgroups based on gender, age, ethnicity, and region have higher credibility intervals due to smaller sample sizes.




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